Left quote Tony Scotland's book is simply marvellous. Anybody who hasn't read it - you have to read it, because it colours in a whole area of music. It's an extraordinary achievement. Right quote

Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, CBE, at the Lennox Berkeley Day, Royal Academy of Music, London, 20 November 2011


Left quote Lennox and Freda light up those around them. And the pleasure of the book is the engaging picture it presents of a succession of lost worlds through which they moved ... Eloquent and funny ... it's full of fascinating stories. Right quote

Michael White, The Tablet, 22 October 2011


Left quote Highly personal and private matters are handled with admirable tact and sensitivity ... Scotland's strengths lie above all in social and cultural history, and much of the interest of Lennox and Freda is to be found in these areas ... Right quote

Andrew Thomson, The Musical Times, June 2011


Left quote An interesting experiment, and an affecting one, to see these two lives unexpectedly moving towards each other ... Scotland is both a sympathetic witness and an acute chronicler ... and [his] cautious approach touchingly humane after the ruthlessness of much contemporary biography. Right quote

Ian Bostridge, The Times Literary Supplement, April 2011


Left quote Tony Scotland's magnificent double portrait of Lennox Berkeley and his wife [is] a story of pathos and exuberance, struggle and success, set against a glittering background of artistic talent.... Mr Scotland deals with his subject's affairs – notably with Benjamin Britten – and Lennox's struggle to reconcile his homosexuality with the demands of his Church, with both sensitivity and psychological acuity. Right quote

Teresa Levonian Cole, Country Life


Left quote Tony Scotland has written a whopper of a biography of Lennox & Freda (Berkeley of that ilk) ... The story of their gradually entwining lives reads like a cliff-hanger: will he, won't he? ... Tony Scotland writes well, sympathetically, critically and guidingly, assessing shrewdly Berkeley's plentiful output. Right quote

John Amis online. Read the whole review at:


Left quote One of the greatest and most unlikely love stories of twentieth-century music. Right quote

Tom Service, Music Matters, BBC Radio Three, February 2011


Left quote Tony Scotland’s book ... miraculously catches ... the composer ... and vividly projects a character haunted by the shadows of the illegitimacy that deprived him of an earldom ... A highly informative and psychologically persuasive study. Right quote

Francis King, The Spectator. Read the whole review at:


Left quote I have been reading with enormous pleasure a superb biography of a fine 20th-century British composer and his splendid life-enhancer of a wife. Right quote

Rupert Christiansen, Daily Telegraph, 15 November 2010


Left quote If I were approaching 20th century British music for the first time, this is the book I would read before getting to grips with the actual musical works ... a very good and satisfying read ... Anyone with an interest in any of the arts (and politics, military history and virtually every other topic under the sun) from this period will find a huge amount of interest ... All the apparatus of a scholarly book are present and correct, without destroying the eminently readable nature of the text ... If the reader’s concerns are simply to gain a deep understanding of this period, then this book would be worth every penny. However, there is more: this is the story of two people, a love story, and on that level the book is fascinating, insightful and often very moving. I shall certainly turns to the pages of this volume for pleasure, resource and understanding on many occasions. Right quote

John France, online at musicweb-international.com. Read the whole review at:


Left quote This stylishly written and well-produced book is an enthralling read simply as a biography of its two main characters in alternate chapters. But it also provides new and detailed information about the whole period and its gay culture, and informs our enjoyment of Berkeley’s music. Right quote

Peter Dickinson, Gramophone, January 2011