Titles in Print 2018

ISBNPrice (£)
Devonshire, Andrew (Duke of) Accidents of Fortune HB 978-0-85955-286-8 13.95
Surtees, Virginia The Actress and the Brewer’s Wife: Two Victorian Vignettes HB 978-0-85955-232-5 14.95
Noel, Gerard and Stanford, Peter The Anatomy of the Catholic Church HB 978-0-85955-203-5 17.95
Lees-Milne, James Ancient as the Hills: Diaries 1973–1974 Pbk978-0-85955-299-8 11.99
Lees-Milne, James Another Self Pbk978-0-85955-281-3 9.99
Jamieson, Peter Auldjo: A Life of John Auldjo 1805–1886 – ‘A Clever Man and a Good Fellow’ HB 978-0-85955-314-8 24.00
Anderson, Dorothy Baker Pasha: Misconduct and Mischance HB 978-0-85955-246-2 20.00
Unwin, Peter Baltic Approaches HB 978-0-85955-228-8 19.95
Napier, Priscilla Black Charlie: A Life of Admiral Sir Charles Napier KCB 1787–1860 HB 978-0-85955-209-7 17.95
Yalland, Zoë Boxwallahs: The British in Cawnpore 1857–1901 HB 978-0-85955-206-6 28.00
Mann, Michael China, 1860 HB 978-0-85955-151-9 16.95
Jolliffe, John Clive Pearson: A Life 1887–1965 HB 978-0-85955-184-7 15.95
Brewster, Harry The Cosmopolites: A Nineteenth-Century Family Drama HB 978-0-85955-204-2 20.00
Surtees, Virginia Coutts Lindsay 1821–1913 HB 978-0-85955-191-5 15.95
Askwith, Betty Crimean Courtship HB 978-0-85955-131-1 12.00
Lees-Milne, James Deep Romantic Chasm: Diaries 1979–1981 Pbk978-0-85955-304-9 11.99
Fuller, Jean Overton Déricourt: The Chequered Spy HB 978-0-85955-149-6 17.95
Hawley, Donald Desert Wind and Tropic Storm HB 978-0-85955-258-5 24.00
Chandler, Geoffrey The Divided Land: An Anglo-Greek Tragedy Pbk978-0-85955-215-8 9.95
Fuller, Jean Overton Driven to It: An Autobiography HB 978-0-85955-306-3 17.95
Glazebrook, Philip The Electric Rock Garden HB 978-0-85955-265-3 16.95
Hawley, Donald The Emirates: Witness to a Metamorphosis HB 978-0-85955-305-6 28.00
Lawrence, P.S.H. ed The Encouragement of Learning HB 978-0-85955-078-9 10.95
Fuller, Jean Overton Espionage as a Fine Art by Henri Déricourt (with Introduction and Commentary) HB 978-0-85955-274-5 17.95
Witheridge, John Excellent Dr Stanley: The Life of Dean Stanley of Westminster HB 978-0-85955-323-0 24.00
Burrows, Bernard Footnotes in the Sand: The Gulf in Transition 1953–1958 HB 978-0-85955-168-7 14.95
Colville, John Footprints in Time: Memories HB 978-0-85955-110-6 17.95
Witheridge, John Frank Fletcher 1870–1954: A Formidable Headmaster HB 978-0-85955-292-9 20.00
Moorehead, Lucy ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 1: The Furnace and the Cup 1914–30 HB 978-0-85955-012-3 18.95
Moorehead, Lucy ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 2: The Open Door 1930–35 HB 978-0-85955-021-5 18.95
Moorehead, Lucy ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 3: The Growth of Danger 1935–39 HB 978-0-85955-038-3 18.95
Moorehead, Lucy ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 4: Bridge of the Levant 1940–43 HB 978-0-85955-049-9 18.95
Moorehead, Lucy ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 5: New Worlds for Old 1943–46 HB 978-0-85955-060-4 18.95
Moorehead, Lucy ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 6: The Broken Road 1947–52 HB 978-0-85955-081-9 18.95
Moorehead, Caroline ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 7: Some Talk of Alexander 1952–59 HB 978-0-85955-088-8 18.95
Moorehead, Caroline ed Freya Stark: Letters. Volume 8: Traveller’s Epilogue 1960–80 HB 978-0-85955-089-5 18.95
Magan, Maxine From the Raj to the Old Rectory HB 978-0-85955-302-5 14.95
McManners, John Fusilier: Recollections and Reflections 1939–1945 HB 978-0-85955-269-1 17.95
Gladstone, WilliamGladstone: A Bicentenary Portrait HB 978-0-85955-317-9 18.50
Douglas-Home, JessicaA Glimpse of EmpireHB978-0-85955-321-617.95
Russell, Michael ed Good Moments: A Publishing Retrospect HB 978-0-85955-276-9 16.95
Macvicar, Neil Grace Notes: Variations on a Greek Theme HB 978-0-85955-213-4 14.95
Robinson, John Martin Grass Seed in June: The Making of an Architectural Historian HB 978-0-85955-301-8 16.95
Morris, Hazel Hand, Head and Heart: Samuel Carter Hall and the Art Journal HB 978-0-85955-273-8 24.00
Napier, Priscilla Henry At Sea: Part One of the Life of Captain Henry Napier RN 1789–1853 HB 978-0-85955-230-1 19.95
Napier, Priscilla Henry Ashore: Part Two of the Life of Captain Henry Napier RN 1789–1853 HB 978-0-85955-231-8 19.95
Parry, Graham Hollar’s England: A Mid-Seventeenth-Century View HB 978-0-85955-014-7 24.00
Lees-Milne, James Holy Dread: Diaries 1982–1984 Pbk978-0-85955-313-1 11.99
Koromila, Marianna, trans (from Greek) Nigel Clive, intro Patrick Leigh FermorIn the Trail of Odysseus HB 978-0-85955-201-2 14.95
Whistler, Laurence The Initials in the Heart Pbk978-0-85955-257-8 9.99
Huddleston, Miles James Stern: A Life in Letters 1904–1993 HB 978-0-85955-272-1 25.00
Surtees, Virginia Jane Welsh Carlyle HB 978-0-85955-134-2 14.95
Scarisbrick, Diana, foreword Hugh Tait Jewellery in Britain 1066–1837: A Documentary, Social, Literary and Artistic Survey HB 978-0-85955-190-8 65.00
Oakeshott, Robert Jobs and Fairness: The Logic and Experience of Employee Ownership HB 978-0-85955-256-1 35.00
Noel, GerardThe Journey of the English-Speaking UnionHB978-0-85955-320-917.95
Hawley, Donald ed Khartoum Perspectives HB 978-0-85955-264-6 29.50
Surtees, Virginia The Lady Lincoln Scandal Pbk978-0-85955-260-8 9.99
Shrubsall, Dennis, and Coustillas, Pierre eddLandscapes and Literati: Unpublished Letters of W.H. Hudson and George Gissing HB 978-0-85955-117-5 14.95
Scotland, TonyLennox & FredaHB978-0-85955-319-328.00
Surtees, Virginia The Ludovisi Goddess: A Life of Louisa Lady Ashburton HB 978-0-85955-105-2 14.95
Blunt, Wilfrid Married to a Single Life: An Autobiography 1901–1938 HB 978-0-85955-100-7 14.95
Baring, Maurice, edd. Jocelyn Hillgarth and Julian Jeffs Maurice Baring: Letters HB 978-0-85955-309-4 15.95
Magan, William Middle Eastern Approaches: Experiences and Travels of an Intelligence Officer 1939–1948 HB 978-0-85955-266-0 16.95
Lees-Milne, James Midway on the Waves: Diaries 1948–1949 Pbk978-0-85955-294-3 11.99
Lees-Milne, James A Mingled Measure: Diaries 1952–1972 Pbk978-0-85955-298-1 11.99
Holmstrom, John The Moving Picture Boy: An International Encyclopaedia from 1895 to 1995 HB 978-0-85955-178-6 45.00
Unwin, Peter 1956: Power Defied HB 978-0-85955-296-7 20.00
Udal, John O. The Nile in Darkness: Conquest and Exploration 1504–1862 HB 978-0-85955-238-7 55.00
Udal, John O. The Nile in Darkness: A Flawed Unity 1863–1899 HB 978-0-85955-291-2 55.00
Eward, Suzanne M No Fine but a Glass of Wine: Cathedral Life at Gloucester in Stuart Times HB 978-0-85955-120-5 14.95
Reynolds, Simon ed Novalis and the Poets of Pessimism; with an English Translation by James Thomson (‘B.V.’) of Hymns to Night HB 978-0-85955-212-7 15.00
Skinner, Martyn Old Rectory, or The Interview HB 978-0-85955-112-0 10.95
Bishop, Tim, ed. Bruce Shand One Young Soldier: The Memoirs of a Cavalryman HB 978-0-85955-193-9 15.95
Mann, Michael A Particular Duty: The Canadian Rebellions 1837–1839 HB 978-0-85955-136-6 16.95
d’Arch Smith, Timothy Peepin’ in a Seafood Store: Some Pleasures of Rock Music Pbk978-0-85955-177-9 8.95
Sutton-Jones, Kenneth Pharos: The Lighthouse Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow HB 978-0-85955-118-2 17.95
Burn, Michael Poems as Accompaniment to a Life HB 978-0-85955-300-1 13.95
Hayter, Alethea Portrait of a Friendship: Drawn from New Letters of James Russell Lowell to Sybella Lady Lyttelton 1881–1891 HB 978-0-85955-167-0 16.95
Noel, Gerard, foreword HRH The Duke of Edinburgh A Portrait of the Inner Temple HB 978-0-85955-277-6 20.00
Charlton, Anne and William Putting Poetry First: A Life of Robert Nichols 1893–1944 HB 978-0-85955-279-0 24.00
Napier, Priscilla Raven Castle: Charles Napier in India 1844–1851 HB 978-0-85955-175-5 17.95
Jolliffe, John Raymond Asquith: Life and Letters Pbk978-0-85955-243-1 9.99
Pottinger, George The Real Admirable Crichton: Sir Thomas Urquhart’s Hero HB 978-0-85955-217-2 16.95
Jefferies, Richard Return to Jefferies’ Land HB 978-0-85955-123-6 12.00
Robertson, Ian Richard Ford 1796–1858: Hispanophile, Connoisseur and Critic HB 978-0-85955-285-1 28.00
MacEwan, Mike The Ryan Family and the Scarteen Hounds HB 978-0-85955-153-3 17.95
Hawley, Donald Sandtracks in the Sudan HB 978-0-85955-210-3 16.95
Surtees, Virginia ed A Second Self: The Letters of Harriet Granville 1810–1845 HB 978-0-85955-165-6 16.95
Grimwade, Arthur Silver for Sale: Christie’s in the Thirties HB 978-0-85955-207-3 20.00
Mason, Philip Since I Last Wrote HB 978-0-85955-225-7 9.95
Douglas Home, William Sins of Commission HB 978-0-85955-115-1 10.95
Strachan, Michael Sir Thomas Roe 1581–1644: A Life HB 978-0-85955-156-4 19.95
Brewster, Ralph H., intro Jonathan Keates The Six Thousand Beards of Athos Pbk978-0-85955-251-6 9.99
Freccia, Massimo The Sounds of Memory HB 978-0-85955-170-0 17.95
Olivier, TarquinSo Who's Your Mother? HB978-0-85955-322-3 19.95
Edinburgh, HRH Duke of, and Mann, Michael Survival or Extinction: A Christian Attitude to the Environment Pbk978-0-85955-158-8 5.95
Smart, JohnTarantula's Web: John Hayward, T.S. Eliot and Their CircleHB978-0-85955-324-7 19.50
Macrory, Patrick, and Pottinger, George The Ten-Rupee Jezail: Figures in the First Afghan War 1838–1842 HB 978-0-85955-185-4 15.95
Cameron, Bridget This Master Firebrand: A Life of Charles Mordaunt 3rd Earl of Peterborough 1658–1735 HB 978-0-85955-316-2 28.00
Lees-Milne, James Through Wood and Dale: Diaries 1975–1978 Pbk978-0-85955-303-2 11.99
Tucker, Jonathan The Troublesome Priest: Harold Davidson, Rector of Stiffkey HB 978-0-85955-307-0 15.95
Evans, Sydney A True Knowing: Drawn from Sermons and Writings, Salisbury 1977–1986 Pbk978-0-85955-173-1 5.95
Rhodes, Anthony The Vatican in the Age of the Cold War 1945–1980 HB 978-0-85955-188-5 17.95
Matarasso, Pauline A Voyage Closed and Done HB 978-0-85955-293-6 15.95
Hamilton, John A. L., foreword HRH Duke of Edinburgh War Bush: 81 (West African) Division in Burma 1943–1945 HB 978-0-85955-267-7 25.00
Courtauld, Simon The Watkins Boys HB 978-0-85955-318-6 18.95
Mackay, Peter We Have Tomorrow: Stirrings in Africa 1959–1967 HB 978-0-85955-315-5 20.00
Unwin, Peter Where East Met West: A Central European Journey HB 978-0-85955-261-5 19.95
Reynolds, Simon William Blake Richmond: An Artist’s Life 1842–1921 HB 978-0-85955-214-1 38.00
Edinburgh, HRH Duke of, and Mann, Michael, intro Launcelot FlemingA Windsor CorrespondenceHB978-0-85955-107-65.95
Edinburgh, HRH Duke of, and Mann, Michael, intro Launcelot FlemingA Windsor Correspondence Pbk978-0-85955-108-3 3.95

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